December 18, 2023

Paige Sinford and Lyman Beecher – DECH Employees of the Year pictured with CEO, Steve Lail, after he presented them with their awards.

Paige Sinford, CMA and Lyman Beecher were chosen as Down East Community Hospital’s 2023 Employees of the Year! Lyman is our non-clinical Employee of the Year and Paige is our clinical Employee of the Year.  Paige works at Family Practice at the Down East Health Center and Lyman works in the Hospital in Materials Management.

DECH staff nominated their peers for these awards by completing a form and providing information and specifics on why staff should be considered. Factors considered are dependability, initiative, attitude, and teamwork. Many great things were shared about all the nominees, the following are a few excerpts from Paige and Lyman’s nomination forms:

“Paige goes above and beyond for family practice as well as other departments. She is always there if anyone needs help. She dives into any situation with both feet and does not think of anything but patient care and the task at hand. We are very lucky to have her at family practice.  Paige is constantly pulled into other departments when needed to fill in and she does this in a very professional and courteous manner. Paige carries out her duties and helps others with theirs. She does this to make sure all assignments are completed correctly and in a timely manner for the best possible patient care. She is dependable and I wish the organization had many more just like her.”

“Lyman is a very hard worker, detail oriented, and takes real pride in doing his job to the best of his abilities. When asked to help in other areas of the hospital, he exhibits this same dedication and attention to detail. You can always count on him. You know that if Lyman says he will do something, you can be confident it will get done. He understands that everyone plays a part in making this organization work and he is always on your team when needed. Lyman interacts with both employees and patients/visitors with a very positive approach and willingness to help. He has never responded in a negative manner to any request or conversation. Observing him with staff he is always professional, very polite, and helpful. His response to department needs is always timely and often much ahead of expectations.”

The full list of nominees included Brandy Wood, Nick Cianciola, Vanessa Feeney, Julia Alley, Penny Sneed, Brandis Townsend, Lanie Brenton, Trish Morrison, Susan Tinker, Crystal Richard, Connie Sylvia, Dr. Crowley, Joe Bragg, and Dr. Massaad

Congratulations to both of our winners and all our nominees. Thank you for the great jobs you do every day and the special way you care for our patients and your co-workers!

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