Provider of obstetric, OBGYN, and gynecology services to the Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, and Down East regions of Maine.

Before Baby Is Due
You may wish to arrange a tour of the Obstetrical Department. Our staff is delighted to provide expectant families with a personal tour of our department. This can be arranged at your prenatal visit with your obstetrician or by calling the unit at 255-0242.

Childbirth classes are offered monthly through Maine Families. This free 3-hour class provides expectant parents with helpful information including: what is happening to your body during labor and delivery, comfort techniques and pain relief options during labor, breastfeeding support and information.  Classes are kept small so we can tailor the information provided to our participants’ specific needs and interests.   For more information or to register, call Anneke at 255-0481.

Labor and Delivery
Helping new babies into the world is one of the most enjoyable events at our hospital. The spacious, private birthing suites in our Obstetrical Department provide a home-like atmosphere where expectant moms can share the birthing experience with their loved ones. Mothers labor, deliver, recover and receive postpartum care from specially trained obstetrics nurses in the same comfortable, home-like room. You may see us smile when “the Brahms Lullaby” is played each time we welcome a new life to Washington County. It is a constant reminder that each new life is unique and special!

Cesarean Births
You will be carefully monitored and coached during your labor by our professional nursing and medical staff. All our staff is certified in emergency care of the newborn and mother. While most births occur without complications, for those rare moments, cesarean births take place in our operating suite. Dad, or a designated support person can accompany you into the surgery to be present for the birth.

After Baby Arrives
Afterwards, parents and their newborns take as much time as they like to get to know one another. The private birthing rooms are designed so friends and family can enjoy the new baby in the privacy of one room and mom can relax and rest comfortably. And, if they wish, mothers and babies can even choose to share a room throughout their hospital stay.

If mom needs rest, there is a secure nursery for the baby and waiting room available for the comfort of visitors.

There is a special celebratory meal offered for the parents during your stay at Down East Community Hospital.

Nursing your baby can be a rewarding experience. Our nurses and certified lactation counselors will support and guide you through this experience with your newborn.

Safe Sleep

Why Safe Sleep matters

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), (, there are around 3,500 sleep related deaths among babies in the United States each year.  Safe sleep practices are designed to reduce the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), accidental suffocation, and other deaths related to unsafe sleep practices. Thanks to safe sleep practices, sleep related deaths like SIDS are on the decline, however, it is important that all health providers and parents know how to create a safe sleep environment.  Learn more about what you can do to help keep your baby safe by going to our Safe Sleep page.

Before You Go Home
Our nurses will provide you instructions on….

  • Nutrition and care of your newborn and yourself
  • Bathing of your newborn
  • Safe Sleep
  • Immunizations
  • What to expect after delivery

A nurse will call you after you return home. We encourage parents to call the obstetric unit with any concerns and the nurses will direct your concern to the appropriate provider.

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