DECH Patients Will Benefit from New Low-Dose CT System from GE

March 2020 Machias – Down East Community Hospital’s physicians are now able to provide quality diagnostic services at lower radiation doses thanks to the recent arrival of a new CT system. The system, called Revolution* EVO, was installed and ready for use on February 19, 2020 and patients are already benefiting from the advance technology and our ability to use this new system to lower average radiation exposures during CT scans.

“Last year we purchased a new MRI and now we have been able to upgrade our CT System. We are more than just a little excited to be able to bring these upgraded systems to the people of Washington County.”

Today, more than 70 million computed tomography (CT) scans are done per year in the U.S. with tremendous clinical value in helping physicians to provide a fast and definitive diagnosis across a wide range of applications.  CT is a non-invasive and expedient way to look inside the body at organs, soft tissues, vascular structures and bones using x-rays to generate very high-resolution images of the body.  It does this by rotating an x-ray source and detector around the patient as the patient is moved through the device.

With higher resolution than previous technologies, patients not only will get a more diagnostically accurate scan but will also have a better experience during the procedure.  Revolution EVO comes equipped with ASiR*, GE’s proprietary next generation low dose technology, which allows us to provide high quality CT scans at low radiation dose.  Furthermore, clinicians can help reduce patient anxiety with Revolution EVO as the scanner’s unique design allows the operator to spend more time with the patient and less time in front of a computer in an operator’s room, noise is reduced making the experience more comfortable, and faster rotation speeds allow for shorter exam times.

Revolution EVO delivers high definition imaging across the entire body, helping physicians make a confident diagnosis across variety of applications such as, cardiac exams, brain imaging, Low dose, whole organ diagnosis and follow-up for oncology patients, detailed bone imaging, and low dose scans for pediatric patients.

Rehabilitation Therapist Brings Special Certifications to DECH

January 2020 Machias – Down East Community Hospital is excited to welcome Physical Therapist, Monika Burk MPT, CMTPT/DN, to our Rehabilitation Department located at 76 Dublin Street in Machias.  Monika has 18 years of experience as a physical therapist and has special certifications as well, one is Trigger Point Dry Needling and the other is LSVT BIG.

The Dry Needling certification requires extensive training with more than 90 hours of instruction and successful completion of both a written and practical exam.  This is a supplemental procedure used in conjunction with other treatments that has been shown to be highly successful in treatment of common conditions including:  headache, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, IT band syndrome.  This method of treatment is not appropriate for everyone.  A trained and certified professional determines if this is the best option for treatment.

LSVT BIG is a standardized treatment protocol developed for Parkinson’s Disease.  Initial certification with recertification every 2 years is required to provide this method of treatment.  The program is customized to the unique goals of each patient including both gross and fine motor skills.  It can be adapted or progressed to meet each patient’s needs across a range of disease severity and presenting impairments.  Research has shown improved ratings on tests of motor functioning following treatment including:  faster walking with bigger steps, improved balance, increased trunk rotation, improvements in activities of daily living such as bed mobility.  The following website provides additional information about LSVT BIG

An appointment can be made through your practitioner.  Please call Down East Community Rehabilitation at 255-0258 for more information.

DECH Welcomes the First Baby of 2020

January 2020 Machias – DECH welcomes its first baby of 2020!  Alison Furman, of Princeton, gave birth to Chase Alexander Furman at 9:14am on January 3.  Chase, who is cuddly and very sweet, weighed in at 6 pounds and 13 ounces.

Alison was happy to be presented with the New Year’s baby basket that overflowed with gifts from Down East Community Hospital and area businesses.

Thank you to all who helped us welcome Chase to our Community: Archibald’s, Advanced Auto Parts, Bangor Savings Bank, Bar Harbor Savings Bank, Berry Vines, Bella Vita, Bluebird Restaurant, Colleen’s Hair Salon, Hammond Lumber, Hannaford’s, Helen’s Restaurant, Hing Garden, Kay Richmond, Machias Dental, Machias Family Pharmacy, Machias River General Store, Machias Savings Bank, NAPA, Subway, Tom’s Mini Mart, True Value, Viking Lumber, Ultimate Image Hair Salon, Whole Life Natural Market.

DECH Receives Platinum Award for Second Consecutive Year

December 2019 Machias – Down East Community Hospital has earned national recognition for its efforts to engage hospitals in increasing organ, eye, and tissue donor registrations across the state, through the Workplace Partnership for Life (WPFL) Hospital Organ Donation Campaign. The WPFL is a national initiative that unites the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and the organ donation community with workplaces across the nation in spreading the word about the importance of donation.

The program challenges hospitals and healthcare organizations to “let life bloom” by educating their staff, patients, visitors, and communities about the critical need for organ, eye, and tissue donation and offering them opportunities to register. Down East Community Hospital conducted awareness and registry campaigns to educate staff, patients, visitors, and community members about the critical need for organ, eye, and tissue donors and, by doing so, increased the number of potential donors on the state’s donor registry. The hospital earned points for each activity and was awarded platinum recognition through the HRSA Workplace Partnership for Life Hospital Campaign.

Down East Community Hospital, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, and Maine Medical Center were the only Maine hospitals to receive the platinum award. CEO, Steve Lail on the award, “As I stated last year, platinum is not often awarded to small rural hospitals.  Part of why that may be true is small rural hospitals don’t have the same resources as larger hospitals.  I do know that if we didn’t have a dedicated champion like Donna Renshaw, we would not have been as successful as we have been in promoting awareness.  Donna Renshaw, RN, BSN, CNOR has worked passionately on this initiative for years and reaches her goals with the help of co-workers who assist her with this initiative.  We are very proud of Donna and the others for what they have done to promote the gift of life.”

If you would like to learn more about giving the gift of life, go to or if you would like to register to become a donor please register at

Get Your Pink On

September 2019 Machias – To launch breast cancer awareness month and to promote the importance of early detection, Down East Community Hospital will hold its second annual “Get Your Pink On” march down Main Street in Machias.  The march will be held on Saturday, October 5 and begins at 9am rain or shine.

There will be plenty of pink pirate hats for everyone and pirate skirts, tutus, fedoras, and pink fairy wings available first come first serve!  We also have a limited amount of “Real Men Wear Pink” ball caps.  You are welcome to wear your own costume or just come as you are.

Meet us at the Colonial Parking Lot in Machias to get your pink on before we set out for the dyke!

DECH Combines Staff Development with Giving

September 2019 Machias – This year, for Down East Community Hospital’s annual staff development event, the Staff Development Team prepared a team building exercise that included food!  That food, upon the conclusion of the program, were donated to food banks in Machias and Cherryfield.

In all 5 sessions held at the Lee Pellon Center this past week, teams comprised of staff from DECH were tasked with purchasing (with allotted play money) food items from a make shift store that they would then use to construct a creative, workable Putt-Putt golf hole.  The staff was very creative and enjoyed the team building project – partly because it was fun and partly because they would get to donate to a good cause.

“As was recognized in the Community Health Needs Assessment for Washington County, food insecurity is something that many of our friends and neighbors deal with on a regular basis. When our Staff Development Team brought forward the idea of taking the funds for the annual staff development event and purchasing food items that could be used for a team building exercise so we could donate those items to local food pantries, we were all on board because it just made sense.” Steve Lail, President & CEO.

DECH Auxiliary Dedicates Bench to One of Its Founding Members

October 2019 Machias – Earlier this month family members of Jeanette J. Stuart and DECH Auxiliary members attended a bench dedication in memory of Jeanette.  The bench was purchased with monies donated to the auxiliary in her name.  The DECH Auxiliary certainly benefitted from Jeanette’s generosity of time and ideas.  A founding member of the Auxiliary, she served in many capacities throughout the years.  Since Jeanette loved flowers and gardens, they felt it appropriate that the bench be placed in the inner courtyard of the hospital knowing that many will spend a few quiet moments sitting on the bench, to rest, reflect, pray, or just to take in some fresh air.  “Many will be thinking of loved ones, as we will think of Jeanette, when we enjoy the garden and the bench dedicated in her name” DECH Auxiliary.

Plaque reads – In memory of Jeanette J. Stuart Longtime dedicated Auxiliary member – 2019


Down East Community Hospital Family Grows

April 2019 Machias – Down East Community Hospital is pleased to announce that our family is growing by leaps and bounds!  That is right, we captured a photo of 10 beautiful ladies who are expecting (or in a couple cases already delivered).  As any expecting family, we are happy for the moms and can’t wait until the babies arrive.  It is great to see young families work and grow in Washington County!

Since this picture was taken, Brandee Hall has given birth to her daughter, Indie Hall.  Congratulations to Brandee and her home family!

DECH Donates SCF Building Plus Money for Renovations

February 2019 – Down East Community Hospital signed the Sunrise Care Facility Building over to the Arnold Memorial Medical Building Society (AMMBS) in Jonesport on February 27.  AMMBS also received $20,000 for renovations to the facility from the Hospital.

DECH Board Chair, Wayne Peters, on the gift, “Closing the facility was not a decision we took lightly, but we are pleased we were able to bequest the land and the building to AMMBS for the Moosabec community and that we were able to include the $20,000 they requested for building renovations.  It is our hope that the community realizes a great benefit in their future endeavors.”

“We at AMMBS remain optimistic with regard to the future of the Sunrise Care Facility.  We look forward to working with the Moosabec community to endeavor to see this property continue to serve our aging population.  We are thankful to DECH for a very smooth transition and for their generous gift,” stated William K. Milliken, President of the Arnold Memorial Medical Building Society.

DECH closed the long-term care facility in August 2018 due long-time losses, low census, increasing costs and non-sustainable reimbursements.


DECH Welcomes New Year Baby

DECH welcomes its first baby of 2022!

Kristi Doten and Dan Jones’ daughter, Indira, was born at Down East Community Hospital on January 5 at 8:48am.  Indira weighed in at 5 pounds and 6 ounces and was 19 ½” long.  DECH presented the family with a gift basket full of items for Indira.  The basket also contained several gift certificates for her parents.

Congratulations from the OB staff and everyone at DECH on the birth of your beautiful daughter!