September 2019 Machias – This year, for Down East Community Hospital’s annual staff development event, the Staff Development Team prepared a team building exercise that included food!  That food, upon the conclusion of the program, were donated to food banks in Machias and Cherryfield.

In all 5 sessions held at the Lee Pellon Center this past week, teams comprised of staff from DECH were tasked with purchasing (with allotted play money) food items from a make shift store that they would then use to construct a creative, workable Putt-Putt golf hole.  The staff was very creative and enjoyed the team building project – partly because it was fun and partly because they would get to donate to a good cause.

“As was recognized in the Community Health Needs Assessment for Washington County, food insecurity is something that many of our friends and neighbors deal with on a regular basis. When our Staff Development Team brought forward the idea of taking the funds for the annual staff development event and purchasing food items that could be used for a team building exercise so we could donate those items to local food pantries, we were all on board because it just made sense.” Steve Lail, President & CEO.

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