February 2021 Machias – Down East Community Hospital (“DECH”), through an affiliated entity, with the cooperation of many of the creditors of Calais Regional Hospital (“CRH”), announces its intention to acquire substantially all the assets of CRH.  Paperwork was filed with the bankruptcy court today outlining the specifics of the potential purchase and it now awaits approval from the bankruptcy judge presiding over the chapter 11 bankruptcy case of CRH.

CRH entered chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2019 and, since that time, has continued to provide medical services to the people of Washington County. DECH has been interested in purchasing the hospital out of chapter 11 for many months.

DECH, President & CEO, Steve Lail, “Our plans are for the facility to remain a fully functioning hospital and we hope to bring back full-time general surgery, add primary care providers, and eventually bring additional specialties that will benefit all of Washington County.”

CEO, Steve Lail, “We took on this endeavor because we strongly believe that having a thriving, financially stable hospital in Calais is crucial if the health care needs of all those in Sunrise County are to be met.  As previously stated, we want to maintain a fully functioning hospital in Calais.  Our leadership team, that has facilitated years of positive growth at DECH, will oversee both hospitals.  They will establish financial integrity by improving profits while reducing overall expenses, and they will lessen the administrative burden.  Calais wants a hospital for the long-term and so do we. We will bring all the skills and tools we have used to strengthen DECH and use them to rebuild and strengthen sustainable health care services for the people of Calais and neighboring towns.  We will be two hospitals, with one team, and one focus.”

Our mission is to improve the health of the people in the Sunrise County by being as passionate, determined, and resilient as those we serve by balancing exceptional service, financial integrity, current technology, staff satisfaction and collaborative community involvement. Our pledge to you is that we will live our mission.

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