Lien Crocker and CEO Steve Lail have some fun during the presentation of Lein’s 40-year pin.

Annually, DECH celebrates the years of service for those employees who, during the year, reached their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40th year of service. Lien Crocker, received her 40-year pin for reaching that landmark in 2018! If you have ever visited or been a patient at DECH, you have probably met Lien.  Lien works in Environmental Services and will be the first to tell you she loves her job, cares for her co-workers and appreciates how everyone is always so good to her.  If you had the chance to encounter Lien while she was at work, she would have met you with a smile, a warm greeting and maybe even a hug if she knows you. Thank you, Lien, for being a member of the DECH family!

Other employment milestones reached during 2018:
35 Years: Elizabeth Faraci
25 Years: Nicholas Cianciola
20 Years: Dee Kelley, Lynnette Parr, Ernie Reisman
15 Years: Anna Baskerville, Patricia Bridges, Elaine Johnson, Gail Roberts, Heidi Schwinn, Jennifer Strout
10 Years: Ann Alley, Kim Dube, Aaron Fogg, William Howard, Monique Mills, Nicole Riddell, Sarah Trynor, Alf Wakeman
5 years: Kim Alley, Tonja Alley, Steen Belanger, Jennifer Brodie, Nancy Fitzgerald, Penny Guerra, Joelle Jackson, Karen Joeckel, Dana Lang, Darci Libby, Jessica Murry, Heather Wright

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