Vaccine – COVID-19
Down East Community is happy to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to Washington County.  Many members of the community are wondering when they can be vaccinated for COVID-19. Supplies of vaccine are limited and it will take time for enough to be produced for all Americans.
Please check our website on Monday after 2pm.  If there isn’t a clinic posted that afternoon, that means we didn’t get the vaccine and you should check on Tuesday after 2pm. No clinics will be scheduled until we have vaccine in hand. To check for available clinics, click on registration below:
  REGISTRATION  If you click on the registration link and there is not a tab labeled with a date, that means there are no clinics scheduled at that time. Vaccination clinics will only be scheduled in concert with vaccine availability.  If a clinic is available, you will see a tab with the date of the clinic.  Click on that tab to schedule your appointment.  See example below:Website-Clinic-Available-Tab-(1).PNG
We understand that waiting for an available clinic can be frustrating, but we kindly ask that you do not call us about vaccine appointments.
For additional information about Maine’s vaccine plan, eligibility by phase and more, please visit the State’s vaccine webpage.
Please continue to protect yourself and others – both before and after being vaccinated – by masking, practicing physical distancing, continuing good hand hygiene and avoiding gatherings.