Down East Community Hospital’s Imaging Services Department offers a wide range of state-of-the-art diagnostic exams.

Our multi-modality registered technologists and our radiologists take great pride in the care they give to patients in order to provide comfort during diagnostic exams. Our goal is to produce quality images that provide your physician with the tools and information they need to provide the best medical care to you. You can expect prompt service with caring and competent staff that strive to get the best images possible while providing personalized, individual care to meet your needs.

And, our Imaging Services Department is digital which means most physician offices in the state have the capability of viewing your images through their own computers using our secure web-based system. Your images are often times viewed by your physician before you have reached our parking lot.

Hours of operation are open from 8 am to 4 pm Monday – Friday. Emergency and Inpatient x-rays and CTs are completed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Exams are scheduled through the Outpatient Scheduler at 207-255-0474.

Diagnostic Services Include:

Techs.jpgWe have two diagnostic x-ray rooms that can be utilized to provide any type of x-ray exam ordered. A FUJI reader is used to scan cassettes and build a digital image. This digital image is sent to the PACS system and your image can be manipulated. For instance, it can be lightened, darkened, magnified, and measured using an advanced computer system and software.
We are equipped with a GE Logic 9 Digital Ultrasound which uses high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of the body’s internal structures. Abdominal, Pelvic, Obstetrical, Breast, and Thyroid Ultrasounds are performed, just to name a few.
dech_Nuclear-Medicine-91024.jpgOur state-of-the-art Nuclear Medicine suite includes GE Infinia Hawkeye equipment with CT Localization. Our hi-speed dual head equipment provides concise imaging for our patients. This specialized equipment detects a radioactive substance that is injected into the body. These scans show how a specific organ is functioning such as the heart, gallbladder, thyroid, and bony structure.
Our GE LegacyD Digital Fluoroscopy suite provides clear and rapid images to assist the Radiologist in watching contrast move through a specific body part or system. Exams such as Upper GIs, Small Bowel Series, and Barium Swallows, are performed.
dech_CT-Scan-91105.jpgThe GE Lightspeed Computed Tomography (CT) equipment combines x-ray with state of the art computer technology to provide “cross-sectional” images of the body. Images of the Head, Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis can be obtained in a short period of time.
Portable x-rays are taken in the Emergency Department, Inpatient Rooms, Operating Rooms, and the Ambulatory Surgery areas using GE AMX 4 portable x-ray equipment. GE’s OEC 9900 c-arm is used within the Operating Room to offer guidance during surgical cases.
We own our GE Echospeed MRI unit. The unit is parked at our facility full time. We perform scans off all types.
Mammo-Susie.jpgDown East Community Hospital is one of only a handful of facilities in Maine that uses GE’s 2000D Full Field Digital Mammography. Patients are positioned in the same manner as conventional film-screen mammography but the images taken are seen on high-resolution monitors. Computer Aided Detection (CAD) provides a “second look” for Radiologists. We are proud to be a Mammopad® provider. Woman’s Touch Mammopads® are a soft pad that is placed between the breast and the mammography equipment and provides a warm, soft cushion for the breast. The private change area and lockers are the gateway to a comfortable, private waiting area where your registered Mammography Technologist will meet you for your exam. Our Digital Mammography is accredited through the American College of Radiology, a 3-year accreditation and we are approved by the FDA’s yearly MQSA Program.
Bone Densitometry, completed on GE’s Lunar equipment is a useful tool to assess the body for bone mass loss (osteopenia) or osteoporosis. This is a very simple test where a patient lies still on a table for a short period of time while a machine scans the spine and hips.

IN THE EVENT YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR IMAGES TO ANOTHER FACILITY: Please call 207-255-0216 to request a CD. We will be sure to have it ready for you when you arrive.

We are also able to "push" images over a secure connection to many hospitals in Maine. A simple phone call to the Imaging department can complete this task, saving you a trip to pick up your disc.

Down East Community Hospital is a proud provider of imaging services, mammography, mri, and x-ray to the Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, and Down East regions of Maine.