June 2022 Machias – Down East Community Hospital and Calais Community Hospital’s annual meeting of the corporators took place via Zoom on Thursday, June 22, 2022. Pictured above, incoming DECH Board Chair, Lisa Carlisle, presents outgoing Board Chair, Kathryn Land, with a gift basket to thank her for her 11 years of service to the hospital.

President & CEO, Steve Lail, informed the corporators of the many updates and improvements that took place at both facilities during 2021 and reported on the financial health of the hospitals.  “We are pleased to report that both hospitals ended 2021 with a positive balance.  Without the inclusion of stimulus funds, DECH had a $3 million gain and CCH ended the year with a $300,000 gain.  The turnaround for CCH took place after the change of hands and encompasses a 6-month period.  This was no easy task and I thank our leadership team and our staff for all the demanding work that took place during the transition.  The transition in itself was difficult, but we also should remember it took place in the middle of a pandemic.”

“I am also pleased to announce that Lisa Carlisle has begun her term as our Board Chair. Lisa has been on the Board of Trustees at Down East Community Hospital since 2014.  She has dedicated countless hours and has served on various board committees.”

Ms. Carlisle has a long history with the hospital.  She worked at Down East Community Hospital from 1987 to 2002 first as a Controller and then as the Chief Financial Officer.  As Chief Financial Officer and member of the Senior Management Team, she was dedicated to supporting the mission of the hospital to provide access to quality healthcare by providing financial and other management services.

The hospital was in financial crises when she began.  The team worked diligently to overcome many obstacles in those early years.  During her years as CFO, the hospital reported positive results from operations.  Her years as a bank auditor at Bangor Savings Bank and as a controller at the hospital provide her with valuable experience in technical accounting, internal control, and process development.  Her years as a trustee provide her with seasoned experience in governance.

“We are thankful to have Ms. Carlisle as our Board Chair and are grateful for all our board members: Michael Hennessey, Nate Martell, Corey Schwinn, Betty Marshall, Jacqueline O’Clair, Jack Corrigan, Ian Prat, Dr. Rita Ten, Gwen Jones, Judd Bragg, and Dr. Christian Inegbenijie.  We are fortunate that these talented individuals chose to dedicate their time to our hospitals.  We would like to give a special thank you to outgoing board chair Katheryn Land for 11 years of thoughtful, dedicated service to the hospital.”

“I would like to recognize two board members who stepped down this year: Rose St. Louis, and Karen Eldridge. Rose spent 9 years on the board and Karen 2 as the Auxiliary President and welcome three new corporators; Lynn Rutledge of Pembroke, Don Green of Berry Township and Julie Jordan of Jonesport.”

The community can find a copy of the 2021 Annual Report on our websites at dech.org and calaishospital.org.

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