October 2020 Machias – Calais Regional Hospital will soon become Calais Community Hospital; a division of Down East Community Hospital.  After many months of meetings, the DECH leadership and Board was convinced that, if we were to live our mission, we needed to do our part to ensure that Calais has a hospital for the long term.  We are certain that the people of Calais and the surrounding towns want that, and we want that too.

The hospital’s new name will be Calais Community Hospital.  The new name signals a new beginning and fits the DECH brand.  Many may be concerned about our intentions for the Calais Hospital; we want to address those concerns.  We want to maintain a fully functioning hospital in Calais.  Our leadership team, that has facilitated years of positive growth at DECH, will oversee both hospitals.  They will establish financial integrity by improving profits while reducing overall expenses, and they will lessen the administrative burden.  They will bring all the skills and tools they have used to strengthen DECH and use them to rebuild and strengthen sustainable health care services for the people of Calais and neighboring towns.

Our organization decided to take on and embrace this endeavor because we strongly believe that having a thriving, financially stable hospital in Calais is crucial if the health care needs of all those in Washington County are to be met. We did not make this decision lightly.  There were many months of planning and vetting.  We moved ahead because it became clear we should, not only because we are confident in the abilities of our team, but also because we could not sit idly by and do nothing.

Our Pledge to You – We Will Live Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of the people in the Sunrise County by being as passionate, determined and resilient as those we service by balancing exceptional services, financial integrity, current technology, staff satisfaction and collaborative community involvement.

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