Emergency Department Capital Campaign

Down East Community Hospital
11 Hospital Drive, Machias, ME 04654
Phone: 207.255.3356

Building a Future Because We Care

Your donation will help build a modern facility for emergency care for Machias and for all in the region and will transform emergency care in our community!

Down East Community Hospital will soon have a larger, modern, more patient-friendly Emergency Department that facilitates our physicians and nurses in providing the high-quality care you have come to expect.  While a trip to the emergency room is not an experience anyone anticipates, we all want to have a modern facility close to home when the need arises.  Such a facility is among the most important factors in a family's decision to relocate to our community or for a business to open in Washington County.

Down East Community Hospital's Emergency Department, built more than 50 years ago, was not designed to accommodate the current population - both year round and seasonal - that is being served by the hospital today.  The Emergency Department handles 9,000 patient visits annually; a much higher volume than the space is currently equipped to handle.  Several concerns with the facility must be corrected in order to better meet patient capacity, improve patient comfort, and provide basic space and efficiency requirements for our staff.

The planned expansion and renovation will focus on these areas of need:
  • Expansion of exam and treatment rooms to handle patient volume
  • Expanded trauma room for the most critically injured to better handle equipment and staff that must be in the room during treatment
  • Additional space to care for patients with psychiatric or behavioral issues
  • Improved privacy in patient treatment areas and nursing work area
  • Design upgrades to meet the most current Facility Guidelines Institute standards for hospitals
  • Redesigned entry area to better triage patients, evaluate them and refer for appropriate level of care
  • Improved entrances for both walk-in and ambulance patients
  • Redesign of clinical and office work areas for improved staff flow
  • More comfortable waiting area(s) for patient families
  • Additional space for equipment storage
Our community needs and deserves an Emergency Department that will better accommodate current volume and improve patient privacy and comfort.  Please join those who have already pledged their support for the campaign by making your pledge or donation today.  Thank you for your generous support!

"This is critical for our community.  The expansion and modernization of DECH's Emergency Department is very important to everyone and it will be for generations to come.  If I had not received the care I recived, I would not be here today telling my story.

What I would ask is 'What would critical patients do?...Just think of that....not just a few people....think of hundreds of lives that have been saved over the years!" -
Marilyn Schoppee
"Down East Community Hospital and a first class Emergency Department are critical for this, or any, community.  The people who live, work and retire in this area deserve to have a quality facility...

I'm pretty sure we would not live here ife we didn't have an Emergency Department given the several traumatic experiences we've had with our own children."
- Larry Barker


"It's like insurance, we pay a lot for it with the idea we'll never use it.  The hospital is here and, hopefully, most of us will never have to use the Emergency Department.  In fact, we hope and trust that to be the case.  We pay for it in one way or another, like insurance, because we may need it.  I know if I ended up in the situation I did and the Emergency Department wasn't here, I wouldn't be here.)" - James Ausprey

The drawings for the new expansion: