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Phone: 207.255.3356

Maine Families

MF-Logo-Icon.jpgWe provide information on healthy childhood growth and development, and support families as they develop a positive and satisfying relationship with their baby. 

Maine Families is a program at no cost to parents, designed to support families during pregnancy and as they raise their children from birth through age five. A family can choose to end services at any time.

Childbirth Classes are offered at the Hospital every 8 weeks.

What Happens At A Home Visit? Home Visitor will:
  1. Share with you information about what you may expect at
  2. different ages and stages of your baby’s development.
  3. Share toys, books and games to help you encourage your baby’s healthy growth.
  4. Share ideas for meeting with the daily challenges of parenting.
  5. Help you connect with other community services you might want to use.
Who Can Participate?
Maine Families serves all teen parents and also parents of any age who are having their first baby or parenting their first child and live in Washington County.

For further information, please give us a call at 255-0438 in the Machias area or 454-0348 in the Calais area. By email, contact

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